Thanks to modern computer technology has made it possible to create an Expert medical system of Homeopathy, where as the database used by the "Diagnostic Analysis Repertory" (Aut. Prof. L.V.Kosmodemyansky), then EMS DAR.
In the proposed version of the EMS-DAR implemented classical homeopathic method of interrogation, including the following questions:
- What best describes your symptoms and signs?
- Where are your symptoms?
- What are the symptoms are related to your body as a whole?
Consider the presence of the established disease diagnoses:
- What are the diagnoses of diseases you installed?
This group of questions and assigned them to the repertory rubrics allow us to determine the main group of symptoms and signs for further questioning, clarifying the choice of homeopathic medicinal drugs.
Further refinement implemented the selected group of symptoms and signs with the help of the following survey:
- What feelings do you have?
- When do symptoms appear?
- What aggravates your symptoms?
- What soothes your symptoms?
- What is the cause of your complaints?
Along with this update to choose an answer on the previously formulated questions:
- Symptoms appear in the next ...
- Where are your symptoms?
- What affects your symptoms?
- What accompanies your symptoms and signs?
- At what time of the complaints arise or worse?
To personalize the choice of a homeopathic remedy offered additional questions specifying the features of the person and anthropometric data:
- What are the signs better describe the existing character traits?
- What signs best describe your looks?
The survey using the methods of mathematical analysis, used in the developed software product, allows you to standardize the method of the survey conducted for the search and selection of a homeopathic drug. Thus, it is possible to standardize the choice of homeopathic medicine.
Along with this, in the EMS-DAR provides quick and advanced searches of symptoms and signs that allow to realize any available at the moment own methods of search and selection of homeopathic medicine.

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